Landscape Program Requirements

Briefly describe the nature of your project and any special requirements that may impact design decisions:

  • Please briefly describe the nature of your project.

Please identify your top two to three goals for this project.Please identify your top two to three goals.

What budget limits would you like to adhere to?Please select your budget limit.

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Design Considerations

How much outdoor entertaining do you do during the summer months?Please select how much outdoor entertaining you do.

How many people on average do you host at one time?Please select how many people you host on average.

What do you like best about your property?

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What do you like least about your property?

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What is your level of gardening experience?Please select your level of gardening.

How much landscape maintenance are you willing and/or able to do?Please select your level of landscape maintenance.

How would you describe your preferred landscape? Choose more than one style if your preferences are mixed or you desire the public garden spaces to be one style and your private garden areas another.Please select your preferred landscape.

Desired Plants or Features

Please mark the features you would like to include in your landscape.Please select your features.

Please mark your general plant preferences.Please select your preference.

Additional Comments or Plant Preferences
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